Schwerer Plattformwagen Type SSYS

Schwerer Plattformwagen Type SSYS

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Catalog number: COBI-6284
  • Length 39 cm / 15.3″
  • Height 8 cm / 3.1″
  • Number of blocks 424
  • Number of figurines 1
  • Age group 8+

Designed to carry vehicles and loads weighing up to 50 tons, the German four-axle German railway platform has been carefully developed in a 1:35 scale model to match the rest of the 20th Century railway and vehicle collection. It is ideal for transporting tanks and vehicles from the Second World War, which are also in the COBI collection. In addition to rolling wheels and detailed prints, an attractive addition to this model is a figure of a German railway guard with a miniature lamp. The wagon can also be attached to locomotives from the new COBI Railway Collection.

The set includes three sections of a straight track with a length of 39 cm. The track is made with the modern technology of two-color injection, which makes each single section (about 13cm long) a single element made of two different colors of plastic that are joined together! The gray steel rails clearly stand out from the very realistic railway ties in brown with a wood texture! There are no visible pegs (studs) on each tie, which significantly improves their realism. Tracks can be attached to structural block plates and have an additional hole, with which you can permanently attach the track to any display using a screw or nail.

This set is the perfect gift for any history and railway enthusiast. Build history, piece by piece, with COBI!

  • 424 high-quality elements
  • Manufactured in the EU by a company with over 20 years of tradition
  • The blocks meet the safety standards of products for children
  • Fully compatible with other brands of construction blocks
  • Blocks with prints do not scratch or smear and do not fade during play or under the influence of temperature
  • All graphics are prints, no stickers were used
  • Clear and intuitive instructions based on illustrations and step-by-step directions
  • Model in 1:35 scale
  • Figure of a German railway guard
  • 3 sections of straight track

Model dimensions (L x W x H): 39.5 cm (15.3") x 8 cm (3.1")

  • Cat.:
  • Brand:
    Cobi Factory SA
  • Package dimensions:
    40 x 30,5 x 6 cm
  • Length:
    39 cm / 15.3″
  • Height:
    8 cm / 3.1″
  • Scale:
  • Number of blocks:
  • Number of figurines:
  • Age group:
  • EAN:
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