strona główna rotator

Hot shot





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~Technologic commented
Amazing set, such good quality LOVE IT!
~RayceSTG commented
Just finished building this and oh boy... I love this ship: the details, proportions and overall construction is fantastic for the 1:300 scale. Good job Cobi, my complements to the designers especially! As a warship enthusiast, it was well worth the price although it is on the pricier side. Cobi, please make more WW2 warships! I would love some aviation battleships in this scale, like the IJN Ise or Fusou. Please also consider making smaller ships like destroyers and light cruisers in the maybe €80-120 price range so more people can access your great ship models!
~Vision commented
I waited for this one for a long time, it looks sick too! I'm definitely getting one. Keep it up cobi.