Ford V300S Maultier - Ambulance

Ford V300S Maultier - Ambulance Ford V300S Maultier - Ambulance
4.3/5 ocena (31 głosów)







  • Nr katalogowy: COBI-2518
  • Elementów: 535
  • Figurek: 2
  • Wiek: 8+

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  • Nameless


    09 czerwca 2019 o 17:37 | #

    Ey cobi team. i have an idea. I have been a big fan of your Bismarck and u boot and i though that we should complete all famous german ships it would be awesome if you guys added graf zeppelin, first aircraftcarrier there. That would be so amazing. Thank You:)


  • SleepyPhilCollins


    16 lutego 2019 o 08:07 | #

    Hello Cobi Team

    I just wanted to tell you me and my best friend love your Products and they showed us how much we loved and missed building cool things with bricks since our childhood years. We already infected a few friends with the cobi virus and we are looking forward to upcoming models like A7V and Kanonenvogel.

    But i also have a question can you please make a few Japanese Tanks (especially a O-I Super Heavy tank so my Maus isnt lonely :D )

    And also Please make a I-400-class submarine carrier. I love your Submarine Models the most.

    Thank you for your high quality work, fair prices and making me smile when i have finished another one of your great Sets.

    have a great day,



  • Black Skeleton

    Black Skeleton

    08 lutego 2019 o 12:19 | #

    It locks very good :-))))))))


  • szymon lubi cobi

    szymon lubi cobi

    07 lutego 2019 o 17:30 | #

    Moim zdaniem zestaw bardzo fajny ale nadal brakuje mi zestawów z polskimi maszynami militarnymi. Ale ogółem zestaw bardzo fajny.



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