M8 Greyhound

M8 Greyhound M8 Greyhound
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  • Catalog no: COBI-2497
  • Pieces: 370
  • Figures: 1
  • Age: 6+

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Comments (2)

  • Meyer


    24 July 2018 at 22:13 | #

    The Tank is really interesting to mount. And my children is really happy to have it.
    But one part of the greyhound are not delivered and the the tank stay incomplet.
    How can i become the missing part?
    Kind regards


  • El Caracho

    El Caracho

    01 November 2017 at 17:48 | #

    Why does this set not have the new "steering" feature like the set 2368 "M3 Scout Car", set 2479 "Zil-157 Katyusha BM-13" and the re-release of 2442 "Sd.Kfz.251 Hanomag"?
    There is enough space in the front of the vehicle, so construction-wise it would have been no problem to include this feature with only some minor modifications. It took me only an hour to add the steering feature (with parts of the Battle of Berlin issue No.19).

    Will this new "steering" feature not be included anymore in all future Small Army WW2 vehicle releases?


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