Battle of Berlin

Battle of Berlin Battle of Berlin
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Build the Battle of Berlin! The set includes 550 pieces, 4 figures and a ton of accessories.

The set is inspired by the famous Battle of Berlin, designated the Berlin Strategic Offensive Operation by the Soviet Union, that was the final major offensive of the European theatre of World War II. It was fought between April and May 1945. The Battle of Berlin effectively ended the fighting on the Eastern Front and in Europe as a whole. With this unique COBI block set you can build the Brandenburg Gate with its famous quadriga, one of the best known German landmarks. A WWII military vehicle is also part of the set. Reinforce your troops with Small Army tanks, planes, helicopters, military trucks or take command of a military battleship and create your own army with COBI blocks.

A great addition to the extended COBI Small Army collection.





  • Catalog no: COBI-2463
  • Pieces: 550
  • Figures: 4
  • Age: 6+

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