Boeing 787™ Dreamliner™

Boeing 787™ Dreamliner™ Boeing 787™ Dreamliner™
4.2/5 ocena (38 głosów)

Unowocześniony klockowy model najnowszego samolotu pasażerskiego Boeing 787™ Dreamliner™.
Model ma otwierany kokpit, w którym można umieścić fi gurkę pilota. Ma także osobno otwieraną kabinę pasażerską, gdzie na jednym z
trzech miejsc klasy biznesowej, można umieścić figurkę pasażera. Do modelu zamocowane są silniki z obrotowymi wirnikami.



Produced under license from Boeing Management Company.
737, 787, Dreamliner and Boeing are among the trademarks owned by Boeing.


  • Nr katalogowy: COBI-26600
  • Elementów: 600
  • Wiek: 7+

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Komentarze (9)

  • Diane


    23 września 2021 o 06:36 | #

    Can I buy some parts??
    My son very loves this, everyday he plays whith this.
    But the wheel holders are broken.

    If possible, I really want to buy that.

    Please let me know, it’s possible or not.

    Thank u


  • Jameskorea


    01 lutego 2020 o 11:21 | #

    Can you help me?
    I bought a BOEING 787 in Korea air homepage.
    (Toy store)
    I need to please.
    I missing please.
    Where do I buy this in korea?
    (Olny my missing please)
    Please help me.
    Thank you.


  • Monika Mitby

    Monika Mitby

    18 lipca 2019 o 15:23 | #

    Found 1by 3


  • Monika Mitby

    Monika Mitby

    11 lipca 2019 o 00:16 | #

    Am missing 2 by 10 and 1 by 3


    • monika mitby

      monika mitby

      12 lipca 2019 o 17:01 | #

      I found 2by10 but missing 1by 3


  • Yelena


    02 stycznia 2017 o 22:45 | #

    I am missing an important piece and can not finish construction. Is there a customer service email? The instruction manual is incorrect and does not include the correct number of this piece.


    • Cobi


      05 stycznia 2017 o 09:31 | #

      Dear Yelena,

      We are sorry about missing part in your set.
      Please contact us at and write there what part is missing and your exact address - we'll send you the spare part.
      Still, we hope you enjoy building the set.

      Thank you.

      Best regards,
      COBI Team


  • Cobi


    17 listopada 2014 o 11:26 | #

    Dear Benny,
    The dreamliner is approx. 53 zm long, 55 cm wide and 11 cm high.
    Best regards,
    Anna Kokoszka-Nowak


  • benny paaske

    benny paaske

    17 listopada 2014 o 10:51 | #

    Hei i want too nou hau big is the Dreamliner?



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