Mystery Bay

Mystery Bay
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The set Mystery Bay from the Wild Story series from Cobi S.A. consists of one hundred and fifty Cobi bricks, a detailed and comprehensive instruction and two figurines: a man and a crocodile. Following the instructions, you can build the mystery bay and a dinghy. Assembling the bay lasts for about an hour and guarantees great fun. The colours of the set are green in various shades, grey and brown. The man figurine has been manufactured with great precision. It has a painted face and clothing. You can put numerous tools into the figurine's hand. They are available as accessories to the set. And thanks to special holes in the lower limbs you can assemble it to the bricks. The figurine of crocodile, as well as the whole set, looks very real and resembles a live crocodile. The set Wild Story Mystery Bay may be used in various ways but the most popular is of course inventing stories and adventures.  Such way of playing supports creativity development and stimulates imagination.  Every child interested in the world of nature should have the Mystery Bay.




  • Catalog no: COBI-22203
  • Pieces: 200
  • Age: 6+

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