500 blocks - music

500 blocks - music
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The set of 500 bricks from the series called Creative Power from COBI S.A  is an interesting way to chase away boredom.  In a solid, cardboard box you will find five hundred pieces which differ in shape, size and colour making the construction process more entertaining. From these bricks you can build anythink you want – you do not have to follow any rules. However,  in the box there are also manuals with exemplary models which can be built from these pieces: piano, keyboard, car, stork, classical and electric guitar. In this set the bricks were made in colours pleasant to the eye: white, brown, beige and black predominate. The whole set is made of high-quality, durable, light and nice in touch plastic. Playing with Creative Power enables to develop creativity and stimulates imagination.  Fantastic fun will chase away boredom for sure and make every game unforgettable adventure!




  • Catalog no: COBI-20502
  • Pieces: 500
  • Age: 5+

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