250 blocks + instructions

250 blocks + instructions
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The set of 250 bricks from the series Creative Power from COBI S.A consists of two hundred fifty pieces which differ in shape, size and colour so to make the constructing process more attractive. The bricks Creative Power can be combined as you want – there are no imposed criteria. Apart from the fact that elements can be combined freely, another advantage of these building bricks is that they fit one another perfectly. In this cardboard box you can also find a manual containing advice how to build some models. In this set COBI suggests constructing a crocodile, a tree, a dinosaur and a frog. Bricks of vivid colours created from high-quality plastic are resistant to ideas of every child. Playing with Creative Power enables to develop creativity, stimulate imagination and spend your time interestingly. Fantastic fun guaranteed!




  • Catalog no: COBI-20252
  • Pieces: 250
  • Age: 5+

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