Police Department

Police Department Police Department
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Build the police station to control the chasing action from the headquarters.

The set contains 400 pieces and 5 figures. The police station is fitted with a chief’s office and a cell. The building is made of transparent walls and door so you can observe what is happening inside. You can also build a motorcycle and a police van necessary to transport the prisoners.

This item is a great addition to the extended COBI Action Town collection!




  • Catalog no: COBI-1567
  • Pieces: 400
  • Figures: 5
  • Age: 6+

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Comments (2)

  • Chris Gonzalez

    Chris Gonzalez

    10 January 2021 at 15:47 | #

    How can I buy this


    • Łukasz


      25 January 2021 at 23:54 | #

      Unfortunately, production is finished. You need to search online on eBay for example.


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