Cashpiont Robbery

Cashpiont Robbery Cashpiont Robbery
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Build the police quad to capture and arrest the cashpoint robber.

The set includes 90 pieces and 2 figures. From the blocks you may build not only a quad with glow in the dark lights, but also a motorbike and a cashpoint. Among the accessories there are 2 different guns and a camera which monitors the cashpoint area.

This item is a great addition to the extended COBI Action Town collection!




  • Catalog no: COBI-1561
  • Pieces: 90
  • Figures: 2
  • Age: 5+

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Comments (2)

  • alejandro pimentel

    alejandro pimentel

    28 November 2016 at 00:09 | #

    hi, i need spare parts for this unit


    • Cobi


      28 November 2016 at 12:11 | #

      Dear Alejandro,

      In that case, please write us an e-mail at - please describe what part is missing and write your address so that we know where to send it.

      Thank you.

      Best regards,
      COBI Team


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