Junk Yard

Junk Yard
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Get into the amazing world of Trashies with COBI Trash Pack construction blocks sets! Create the Junk Yard from specially designed, colourful, tattered-like blocks! The set includes 514 pieces and 3 figures. Have a fantastic fun with the largest set of COBI Trash Pack bricks!

The ready-built set consists of a base equipped with a crushing device and an incinerator as well as a tractor with semitrailer. Lots of movable parts and accessories enable playing various scenarios.

This item is a great addition to the extended Trash Pack collection.





  • Catalog no: COBI-6250
  • Pieces: 514
  • Figures: 3
  • Age: 5+

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Comments (2)

  • Sylvia


    30 October 2016 at 02:13 | #

    Please, I gave this to my boy, but he lost the instruccions...
    We cant make it...
    Would you send me please?


    • Monika


      07 November 2016 at 12:29 | #

      Dear Sylvia,

      The instruction has been sent to your e-mail.

      Best regards,
      COBI Team


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